Even after answering all the questions correctly in an interview, I have been rejected. What should I do?

There is nothing you can do about it if the employer rejects you; answering all the questions doesn’t mean you had a good interview as there are several things that the interviewer analyzes to select you.

There are things like your attitude, way of speaking, and how you greet them, and you won’t believe that the way you sit in the interview also makes a huge difference. If you lack all these basic manners, the interviewer will not warn you. They will reject you straightforward.

I sat in an interview in which I was confident that I would surely get a job. Still, I was rejected as my behavior was not good during the interview, I myself didn’t even realize this, and you know what my interviewer told me about this. It was a rare phenomenon as usually you never know why you got rejected.

But you know what? They even gave me grades and points through a pie chart, which made me realize the areas I lacked. It cost me an interview later I found out that the company hired a professional company by the name Candidate Identity Verification – CelebratingLife (Candidate Identity Verification – CelebratingLife) who uses Artificial intelligence to schedule an interview and also they make sure to give a review to the Candidate who was hired or fired by giving them result on their IDs or their number. So basically, they force the interviewer to provide a review instantly so they can inform the Candidate about the status of their interview without wasting the Candidate s time.

Isn’t it great? I wish every company must have this kind of system so that no one should search for the answers on quora or at any other site.