How can an HR make their hiring process accurate?

The work of HR is not an easy task, You have the responsibility to provide reliable and good employees to the company and if by mistake any candidate who is is fraud and proxy will get a job then it can create a big problem for the company and you both and in future, it can look like a black spot in your career.

A fraud and proxy candidate will not only waste your time but can also hurt the company and can create a question mark on companies credibility like if he did something wrong on a project then the consequences he has to make is fine but the worst the would be the companies reputation will go down and as well as yours also.

And in today’s digital world it becomes very easy to do scams and fraud for proxy candidates. And just imagine if you by you hired a fake candidate then you again have to do the hiring process which also increases the workload.

And now the question comes that how can you stop them at first what you can do is if an interview is on voice call then you can record the voice recording of the candidate of all rounds and then you can match them but it’s a very hectic job because it takes lots of time and space let’s say if the there are 50 candidates then you have to record the recording of 50 candidates and store them which is such a messy job.

And if an interview is on a Video platform like zoom, meet, and skype then you can take the screenshots of all the candidates of all the rounds and store them then you can match them but again this also is hectic work which will only increase the amount of the workload on you, sometimes you even need a to hire another person for this work because it can’t be done by a person.

But all these are traditional ways as well as they are also very time consuming and still, there is no guarantee that no fraud will happen so now You can hire a virtual assistant means you can hire a company which provides you an AI-based software and do all this work for you. And one of the best companies who provide this type of VIrtual Assistant for Identity verification is Candidate Identity Verification – CelebratingLife CLI. They have specialized software only for this work. CLI (CelebratingLife Infotech) has AI-Based software through which we can easily identify whether the same person has appeared in all rounds of an interview or not. CLI’s advanced voice and video recognization software also make the hiring process very smooth.

The AI-based software will itself schedule an interview which will be convenient for both the interviewer and the candidate and after the interview the, AI-based software will provide you the feedback instantly and this will not only decrease your workload but also make the whole hiring process very convenient and accurate.

And through their software, you can not only schedule the interview but it will also help you to do the background check of the candidate and it will also do the identity verification of the candidate for you. So for whom you are waiting just go and check out their website