Why are Cognizant HRs delaying the interview feedback?

Before answering your question, I want to ask you how you know they are intentionally delaying your feedback. No HRs will hold the feedback on purpose unless they hold a personal grudge against you. See, your interview feedback can be delayed because of any reasons, maybe because of the poor management or the workload, or perhaps the technical team who took your interview didn’t give their feedback to HR about your interview. I have a friend who is an HR in a reputed Company.

Let’s assume his name is Rajat; being in a corporate sector, I know how one feels when they don’t receive any reply from the company but trust me, it’s not always the HRs fault. My Friend Rajat, an HR, told me that I felt terrible about the Candidate, so I asked him who Candidate? He replied that a candidate in our company gave his interview two months before. He called me daily for an update about his interview, so I told him why he didn’t update him, then he said to me that even I wanted to inform him about the result but, I didn’t have the result, so I asked him how, you are the HR how come you dont know whether the Candidate will be hired or not.

He told me a complete story that the technical team who was hired to take the interview isn’t replying to me. He further told me that he asked them a thousand times to give him feedback, but they didn’t respond. He was helpless. That’s why I am telling you that it’s not always HR’s fault. Still, things are changed now in my Friend Company as they hired a professional company by the name http://Clyfe.Co who make sure to take instant review from that person who took the interview, and also they make sure that they give instant feedback to the Candidate.

So that they don’t need to wait for the confirmation, I will urge all the reputed and small firms to take services from companies like http://Clyfe.Co (http://Clyfe.Co) so that no candidate has to wait for their Job confirmation.