Efficiency in jobs

People think that moonlighting only affects the company but they are wrong moonlighting can also have serve impacts on employees. Some of the consequences that employees also face are

●    The efficiency of the employee will go down because he may be too tired by handling two jobs at a time.
●    The second job may interfere with the first job or first with the second.
●    There may be chances of breach of confidentiality.
●    There may be a conflict of interest.
●    Various issues such as Fatigue, poor attentiveness, etc may arise.
All these may be the consequences of handling two jobs at a time so in the agreement, the moonlighting clause is added so that the employee works efficiently and does not work at any other company. But the addition of moonlighting clause in the joining agreement is not only the solution. People often do moonlighting without informing the company.

That’s why it’s necessary to stop this by other means So now the question arises how can you stop all this? so to stop this you can take the help of greylist.in. GreyList is a place where you, all can check the profile of your employee whether he is working in some other company or not, and if you are hiring a new candidate, you can do a background check of the candidate that whether he has done this kind of things previously or not. Here you can also submit the reviews of your employee that how he or she performed in your company or when he/she was working in your company so they only worked in your company or didn’t do the multiple jobs so basically here you can share your experience with the employee.

And along with this, there is also software that can make your hiring process accurate and efficient and do candidate identity verification if you use with this and that is CelebratingLife Infotech AI-based software. This software also helps you do a candidate’s background check and employee verification, Candidate verification, and Identity Verification. As we all know, sometimes the hiring process stretched too long, increasing the hiring time and wasting many resources. So this software can also fix this. The AI-based software will itself schedule an interview that will be convenient for both the interviewer and the candidate.

After the interview, the AI-based software will provide you the feedback instantly, which will decrease your workload and make the whole hiring process very convenient and accurate. And through their software, you can not only schedule the interview but it will also help you to do the background check of the candidate and it will also do the identity verification of the candidate for you. So Just check out greylist.in and clyfe.co
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