Why can you no longer take months to make hiring decisions?

See, hiring is very time taking process and it goes through a lot of stages which cannot be completed within a month and that’s why it takes months to make hiring decision, though there are methods through which a company can make the hiring faster like opting one single test through which they can test all the aspects of the candidate or by hiring third party like hiring those companies who worked in these spheres and can takeover all the work from the company which will save a lot of time for the company and also it will cost less,

In my company we used to have avery long and hectic process of hiring the candidate as my company used to conduct many test which will cost the company a lot of time and money and then they hired a professional company by the name of Candidate Identity Verification – CelebratingLife who is a complete package for all the recruitment procedure whether it is scheduling interviews ,conducting test giving instant reviews about the interview and also they do employee verification or candidate verification by using artificial intelligence they track down all the information which was provided by the employer like a background check, in my company it usually take a month to hire a candidate.